Secure Your Communication: How Securus Technologies Email Can Keep You Safe [Expert Tips and Stats]

Secure Your Communication: How Securus Technologies Email Can Keep You Safe [Expert Tips and Stats] info

Short answer securus technologies email;

Securus Technologies does not offer an email service. They specialize in providing communication solutions for correctional facilities, such as inmate phone services, video visitation, and messaging systems.

How to Use Securus Technologies Email: A Step-by-Step Guide to Get You Started

In today’s world, communication plays a vital role in our lives. For people who have their loved ones incarcerated, the need for constant communications is even more critical. Thanks to Securus Technologies Email, this has become easier than ever before.

Securus Technologies offers an email service that allows you to communicate with your loved one behind bars quickly and easily. However, for first-time users, it can be a little challenging to navigate through the platform’s features. In this blog post, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to use Securus Technologies Email so that you can get started communicating with your loved one right away.

Step 1: Create an account

The first step is creating an account. Start by visiting the Securus website and clicking on “Secure Connect.” From there, click “Create Account” and follow the prompts to create your account successfully.

Make sure that you provide accurate information as requested during registration since this information is essential when sending emails or receiving responses from a recipient behind bars.

Step 2: Add funds to your account

Once you’ve created an account successfully, add money into it (using a debit/credit card). This will enable you to purchase e-stamps which are equivalent tokens used instead of traditional stamps while mailing letters or parcels physically.
By adding funds in advance ensures zero delays caused due pending payments issues while using Services offered by them thus avoiding unwanted/unfortunate circumstances.

Step 3: Compose & Send Message

To send an email message, start by logging into your Securus Connect account. Once logged in:

– Click on EMAIL option given at Main Menu.
– Select “New Message”.
– Choose contact or inmate whom You want sendmessage either directly from Contact Listor Search feature available onto web portal
– Type up Your intended message into empty fields showcasing – Subject line & Body Area underneath

Furthermore make sure of few things like select appropriate font style/color,size; spell check; grammar corrections if any (if cannot ensure quality of drafting, use third-party application or tool for assistance).

Once the content is finalized tap onto “Send” option visible.

Step 4: Monitor Response

Upon message sent their end would be receiving an intimation whereby inmate can access placed email to read & respond back.

Email response usually reaches back into your inbox via Securus within few hours of time period. Stay tuned thereafter you’ve provided enough funds at your account balance and keep an eye on Messages History feature which displays entire conversation recorded chronologically.


Using Securus Technologies Email services doesn’t have to be complicated. With these four simple steps, you will quickly learn how to send messages using this convenient platform. By following discussed guidelines as above one can easily initiate communication with loved ones locked behind bars- build bridge between them&yourself from miles away!

The Top 5 Facts About Securus Technologies Email That You Need to Know

Securus Technologies is a leading technology company that specializes in providing communication solutions for prisons and correctional facilities. Among the various services they offer, email messaging has become increasingly popular over the past few years. If you’re unfamiliar with Securus Technologies’ email service or interested in learning more about its capabilities, then read on! Here are five facts about Securus Technologies’ email that you need to know:

1. Simple and User-Friendly

Securus Technologies’ email platform is incredibly simple to use and user-friendly. Inmates can log into their account using a tablet or computer, allowing them to compose, send, receive and manage their messages at all times.

2. Secure Encryption Measures

The company’s reputation rests heavily on its commitment to customer privacy and confidentiality within this sensitive environment of inmates communicating from behind prison walls.
To ensure every inmate’s confidential information stays safe; strong encryption measures have been implemented when sending an emailed message through Securus Technology servers.

3. Cost-Effective Option

With Securus’ technologies Email & Video Grams Platform correspondence between large quantities of people such as parole officers or families who loved ones incarcerated become possible without having travel costs thereby easing financial burdens significantly – another significant takeaway considering many low-income individuals suffer due to high cost limitations associated with traditional mail delivery systems.

4.Reliable Customer Service Support

If there ever arises any uncertainties regarding how best one should proceed while accessing these services provided by Securus Techologies customer support team always proves helpful anytime clients get stuck along the way seeking resolution almost immediately minimizing downtime quickly irrespective of time zones differences worldwide could mean peace of mind assurance leading up routing out technical hitches promptly saving valuable time that otherwise would be lost if response times were lengthy addressing issues requiring urgent attention .

5.A Great Way To Keep Loved Ones Connected with Friends And Family

Prisoners generally experience feelings of isolation which can lead lonely thoughts negatively impacting mental health status dramatically down spiraling spirals in the long run; this is where Securus Technologies comes into play, as it helps offer them a platform to stay connected with loved ones through its email system to reduce feelings of loneliness and provide a mode of communication that enriches their mental health & social well-being by keeping friends and family members on real-time conversations.

In conclusion, communicating from behind bars had always been challenging for inmates trying to keep in touch with friends or families. Still, thanks to Securus’ Email Messaging service being implemented, prisoners worldwide now have an affordable option that not only ensures privacy but connects them with loved ones outside the prison’s walls. The new development promises even more growth opportunities highly regarded among correctional facility clients looking beyond traditional mail while supporting communities concerning money-saving digital distribution over paper solutions at fighting recidivism in multiple ways valued heavily towards rehabilitation underlining greater accessibility regardless of financial means factor limitations across all spectrums – further testimony hence why many prisons are turning onto communications technologies daily increasing diversity amongst different inmate demographics seeking such services company can offer end-to-end secure services with speedy delivery options ensuring quick resolution by top-rated customer support representatives globally available round-the-clock catering issues resolving requests within just minutes throughout any geographic location covering north America fingertips!

Securus Technologies Email FAQ: Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

If you’re like most people, chances are that your email inbox is a cluttered mess of unread messages, spam, and important communications from friends and family. And if you have a loved one incarcerated in the United States prison system, then managing your email inbox can be an even more daunting task.

Thankfully, Securus Technologies is here to help simplify things. The leading provider of inmate communication solutions offers a reliable Email service that allows family members and friends to communicate with their incarcerated loved ones through secure electronic messaging.

But even with such convenient services at our disposal, there may still be questions regarding how it works. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Securus Technologies Email – along with answers that will put all your concerns to rest.

1. How do I sign up for Securus Email?
To use the email service offered by Securus Technologies first begin by creating an account on or setup a prepaid DEBIT account on website operated by GTL Global Tel Link., whichever applies based upon where your Inmate has been housed.
Once your registeration done go to “Messaging” option within account menu – add desired inmates information who must also be registered onto this site to initiate sending message after purchasing credits (each outgoing message costs 50 cents).

2. Can I send attachments with my emails?
The Email facility does allow attachments but these should not exceed larger than size as bigger attachment could hinder security reasons

3. How much do Emails cost
It only costs 50 cents per outbound message which make sit very affordable considering standard stamps would already destroy that budget

4. When will my recipient receive my email?
Inmates can access their new Secure Mail printable copy usually within around 24 hours after confirming deposit made via kiosk / staff member into JPay/GTL/MoneyGram accounts near them

5.Can we exchange videos or music files with an incarcerated person over the email?
Unfortunately not, as this email service is exclusively used to exchange plain simple messages.

In conclusion, Securus Technologies’ Email facility provides an affordable and convenient way for family members and friends of incarcerated individuals to communicate with their loved ones. By using our secure message system, your communications are safe from interception by unscrupulous parties – which means you can correspond freely without any compromise on information secrecy!

Tips and Tricks for Using Securus Technologies Email Effectively and Efficiently

If you’re an inmate or someone who knows an incarcerated loved one, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Securus Technologies. The organization has gained a reputation as the go-to company in the industry for communication services between inmates and their loved ones on the outside.

One particular service offered by Securus Technologies is email accounts designed specifically for inmates, allowing them to communicate with friends and family electronically from within prison. This service provides countless advantages over traditional mailed letters – emails are faster, clearer, more secure, and much easier to compose.

However, even with these excellent benefits at your fingertips when using Securus’ email system for communicating with someone in jail can often be daunting. To make sure that everyone understands how to use this resource effectively and efficiently we have put together some tips & tricks for using Securus technologies emails:

1. Pick a Reliable Device

To access your secure inmate inbox through the Securus website via internet-enabled devices such as tablets, smartphones,laptops or computers which are reliable in terms of battery life & stable internet connectivity ensuring seamless communication between both parties without any possibility of technical glitches during conversation .

2.Experiment With Text Formatting

The ability to add formatting styles like bolding text (for emphasis), changing font type/colors/sizes/header tags/etc., using emojis allow us to convey emotions on screen while minimising misinterpretations leading happy conversations enhancing better understanding involved parties.

3.Incorporate Photos into Your Messages

Photos speak volumes than words themselves messages accompanied by relevant pictures goes off great beyond comprehension.Sending photos helping significant others share experiences they missed out while away builds stronger emotional connections fostering healthy relationships amid challenging times.

4.Beware the Content Rules

While there’s no time constraint regarding message lengths quality matters most here avoiding sending unnecessary unsolicited content including threats,violent language,bullying materials,hate speech profanity etc.. Violating regulations risks/breach could lead hefty fine/criminal sanctions not worth jeopardizing a much-needed channel of communication.

5. Don’t forget about email alerts

Securus Technologies Email system offers instant notifications on all new replies in the inbox, just enable an alert and stay vigilant for anything requiring urgent attention thus forging consistent/meaningful dialogues bolstering healthy relationships simultaneously.

Wrapping up

The above tips are sure to help make your Securus email experience better enabling us to have secure, reliable and efficient communications while incarcerated.We hope these suggestions will go a long way to take away some potential stressors of what appears as complicated online messaging leaving you with peace of mind,fostering stronger connections between parties irrespective of their physical location which can be paramount given the current state of world affairs.So why wait? Start writing those emails now!

Why Choose Securus Technologies Email Over Other Forms of Communication?

Communicating with loved ones who are behind bars can be a challenging task. However, thanks to Securus Technologies email services, staying in touch has become much more convenient and hassle-free. In today’s digital era, there are several forms of communication that people use to stay connected – instant messaging, voice calls, video chats or even traditional snail mail – but why should you choose Securus email? Here’s why:

1) Convenience: Unlike traditional pen-and-paper letters that take several days (sometimes weeks) to reach their destination via postal mail or phone call schedules at allocated times; emails with Securus offers real-time delivery options 24/7. You can send an email from any device with internet access including your smartphone or computer.

2) Cost-Effective: Snail mail can get expensive when sending frequent updates if it involves postage stamps and long-distance fees.additionally collecting physical pen pal stuffs for the specific inmate will also add money on table where as secures takes out all those costs involved in letter writing .

However, with Securus Email services inmates receive notifications whenever they have received new messages without universal stamp duties attached

3) Privacy is Guaranteed: Sending letters using USPS may make one feel uneasy about confidentiality as every letter undergoes scrutiny from staff members along the way while processing
On the other hand, With valid account credentials,email correspondence through Securestech remains confidential between user id holder and corresponding jail mate according law procedures.

4) Increased safety measures: Crimes inside prisons won’t cease just because inmates do not have full authority outside prison walls .Remote emailing alternative provides safe measure bypassing any attempt of phonographic images,videos during conversations compared to traditional face-to-face meeting methods

5) No Restrictions On Opening And Responding Emails : Many correctional institutes pose restrictions relating incoming mails based on regards like font size type ,language specifications.This adoption by many Institutional units allows only printed material allowed into their facilities
Secures technologies avoids these problems by pushing instant replies without such limitations which enables to keep inmates notified of court dates , appointments etc.

In conclusion, Securus Technologies email service offers several advantages over traditional forms of communication with loved ones behind bars – from convenience and cost-effectiveness to increased privacy and safety measures.isn’t that great?

Common Issues and Troubleshooting Tips for Securus Technologies Email Users

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions designed specifically for correctional facilities, inmates and their families. One of its key services is the email platform which enables loved ones to communicate with prisoners electronically.

However, like any other technology, there are some common issues that Securus Technologies Email users may encounter in the course of using the system. Here are some troubleshooting tips that can help you overcome these challenges with ease:

1. Activation Issues

One of the most common problems new users face is activating their accounts so they can start sending emails. In case this happens to you, check your spam or junk folders as sometimes activation links sent by Securus may get misplaced here.

You could also try re-sending an activation link from your account page once more since at times initial messages might not have gone through due to connectivity issues on either side.If neither option works then contacting customer support will be best thing do next. They will help resolve any lingering login inhibiting issue so you don’t miss out on the possible means of communication while inmate serves time behind bars or away from home.

2. Password Resetting Problems

If for whatever reasons you’re unable to log into your account because maybe forgot password it might prove tough remembering and resetting old one again right? Maybe failed attempts keeping seeing ‘user locked’.’ No worries! Getting things back up without delay requires little effort – simply reset your account access details using simple instructions provided during sign-up process.When locking occurs wait 24 hours for temporary lockout period resets automatically.Then request assistance from Customer Support (JPay Call Center)via phone/email/chat.After validating information,password reset should follow swiftly soon after completion validation requirements necessary based security measures implemented by company’s administrators prevent hacking attempts such eventuality occurring again in future thus ensuring User data privacy protection utmost priority always adhered strictly .

3.Message delivery issues
At times message deliveries tend slow down if servers handling site traffic clog up.There are various factors contributing to such issues that include high user loads being experienced periodic website maintenance activities which may cause brief interruptions during critical times.Resting assured all delays are being fixed as staff work around clock keep system efficient reliable reducing possibility experiencing such common issues.

4. Correspondence review holds up mailbox
Corrections departments sometimes place mailboxes on hold while monitoring messages in real-time undergo investigative process, thus delaying receipt of communication either way for inmates or their family members.Expecting outcome usually occurs within a duration of 24-48 hours depending types security measures adopted authorities responsible managing detention facilities where individual served time so not fret just though be patient remember penal institutions prioritizing public safety implementing stringent screening rules eliminate potential threats keeping law abiding citizens safe from harm avoid any negative experience prisoners may pose should they release early due unforeseen circumstances arising and/or behavioral incidents recorded scrutinized extensively.Disallowance happens rarely however could happen,equipped sufficient knowledge how preserve necessary composure dignity needs respected at times simply complying resolve matter accordingly appropriate steps taken according guidelines established facility personnel.Finally,it is paramount remain vigilant ensuring anyone using email platform doing so legally responsibly.By shortand adhering Terms Service listed website legal provision mails delivered promptly recipients desired.Essentially the principles rule books standard ethics followed day individuals interact outside confines virtual digital domain still apply hereby minimizing exposure risk possible consequences materializing haphazard careless behavior exhibited users unlikely future repeats itself actionable liability incurred deserving punishment under regulations governing practices emailing primarily meant ascertain truth uphold constitution justice overall civil discourse among society preserved maintained perpetuity benefit beneficiaries incarcerated units alike .

Table with useful data:

Email Features Description
Secure Email Encrypted emails that can be sent and received securely
Email Monitoring Tracking of incoming and outgoing emails of inmates for security purposes
Email Storage Cloud storage of emails for quick and easy access by inmates and staff
Email Attachments Ability to attach photos, videos, and other multimedia files to emails
Email Filters Automatic filtering of spam, inappropriate content, and unwanted messages

Information from an Expert

As a security technology expert, I can confidently say that email communication plays a crucial role in organizational operations. However, sending and receiving sensitive information through unsecured channels could lead to instances of data breaches or cyber attacks. This is where Securus Technologies comes into play – their encrypted email system provides clients with an efficient and secure way to communicate electronically while protecting the confidentiality of the exchanged information. With multi-layered security measures designed to block unauthorized access attempts and maintain compliance standards, organizations can rely on Securus’s email solution for safe electronic correspondence.

Historical fact:

In 2018, Securus Technologies, a provider of communication services for correctional institutions, came under fire when it was revealed that they had leaked over 70 million inmate phone calls and messages due to an unsecured database.

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