Unlocking the Benefits of Securus Technologies Video Visitation: A Personal Story and Practical Guide [with Stats and Tips]

Unlocking the Benefits of Securus Technologies Video Visitation: A Personal Story and Practical Guide [with Stats and Tips] info

What is Securus Technologies Video Visitation?

Securus Technologies video visitation is a service provided by the company that allows incarcerated individuals to communicate with friends and family members through video calls.

  • The service is available for use on desktop computers, iOS and Android devices, making it convenient for both parties involved.
  • Video visitation sessions are carefully monitored, ensuring the safety of all participants and preventing any negative behaviors from occurring.

This virtual communication tool helps inmates stay connected with loved ones during their time in prison while also streamlining the process of scheduling visits.

Step by Step: How to Use Securus Technologies Video Visitation

Securus Technologies is a company that provides communication services to correctional facilities across the United States. One of their most prominent services is video visitation, which allows loved ones to communicate with inmates through live video calls online. In this blog post, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to use Securus Technologies’ video visitation service.

Step 1: Register for an Account

Before using Securus Technologies’ video visitation service, you must register for an account. You can do this by visiting their website and clicking on the “Sign-up” button at the top right corner of the homepage. Once redirected to the registration page, enter your personal information such as your name, address, phone number, and email address in order to create your account.

Step 2: Add Funds or Purchase a Package

Once registered and logged into your new account, it’s time to either add funds or purchase a package for accessing Visitation Services. The company offers different packages depending on usage requirements like cost per minute talk duration etc., from which one can choose based on budget criteria keeping in mind off peak hours system charges less fees than peak hour charges.

Step 3: Schedule Your Visit

After adding funds or purchasing a package according to individual requirements & affordability limits, you are all set up ready now it’s finally time schedule a date/time slot for when you wish interact with inmate through his respective jail/jurisdiction’s facility! This way both parties/interviewee would be available during particular interval leaving no abruptness without any harsh interruption due technical failure thus making conversation smoother effective convenient nearly resembling face-to face interaction possible albeit from afar but real-time nonetheless..

To schedule visit select appropriate location/exact jail/Jurisdiction details where person has been incarcerated and then submit preferred day/timeslot along with surge options if applicable choosing line audio/video connectivity quality rest depend upon user preferences convenience speediness desired outcome affording system constraints.

Step 4: Login and Start The Visit

Finally, once everything is set up and scheduled accordingly simply login via official site and begin conducting video call/receiving audio messages from other’s end as per effectiveness & clarity of network connection speed.. During the visitation, users have options either provide pre-recorded message or talk; However certain guidelines need to be followed while record keeping etiquette in mind such topics should be avoided that relate crime scene or any sensitive issues that may lead potentially harmful discussions/security situations. Finally when conversation concludes by both parties through agreeable time slot complied it will logged for administrative purposes afterwards automatically disconnected ending communication session where feedback can posted improving future experiences for visitors using Video Visitation Services ensuring hassle-free interactive experience at all costs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Securus Technologies Video Visitation

Securus Technologies is a cutting-edge company that specializes in providing communication services to correctional facilities across the globe. One of its most popular products is the Securus Video Visitation platform, which allows inmates and their loved ones to connect through high-quality video conferencing technology.

As with any new service or product, people have questions about how it works and what benefits it provides. In this article, we will answer some frequently asked questions about Securus Video Visitation.

1. What is Securus Video Visitation?
Securus Video Visitation is an innovative system that enables family members and friends to communicate with incarcerated individuals via video calls from anywhere at any time. This feature eliminates the need for face-to-face visits by enabling users to access virtual visitation securely.

2. How does it work?
The system works using a standard web camera-equipped computer or smartphone along with a reliable internet connection. Once you’ve created your profile on the Securus website, you can schedule an appointment for convenient timeslots available based on facility availability.

3. Is there any training required?
Secarus offers e-learning courses for anyone who wants to use its software; these tutorials cover everything related to installation & setup, account creation process as well as usage of different features so you won’t be stuck figuring things out on your own!

4. Can I record my video call session?
No – recording conversations between inmates and visitors (including phone calls) are prohibited under federal law.

5.. What do I need to prepare before joining the call?
Users must ensure that they have a webcam equipped device connected via secure network security systems such as SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer). Users should also check all other technical requirements such as Internet speed quality etc., ahead-of-time in order not encounter further issues when attempting connections

6.What are fees associated with this tool?
Pricing varies depending upon individual engagements but usually starts around $1/minute. However, several promotional offers are available for new and regular customers from time to time.

7. What kind of support do they offer in case I need help using it?
Securus provides comprehensive technical assistance through its online support system, phone line or email directly—depending on the resources you prefer. You can open a ticket here to receive prompt replies from experts.

8.What purposes does Securus Video Visitation serve apart contacting with Inmates?
Apart from enabling face-to-face communication between inmates and their loved ones, this feature enhances confidentiality since personal information remains secure during conversations (it helps remove risks involved in being physically present too). Also often serves as an extension of legal consultations taking place via video conferencing tool

In conclusion, Securus Technologies’ Video Visitations Tool is an excellent choice for people who want to communicate with incarcerated individuals without leaving their homes at reasonable rates while enjoying high-quality standard services simultaneously. Besides cost-effectiveness &convenience aspects – this modern program also assures ensures connections remain realistic form overcoming barriers such as geographic miles.Securus continues shaping the industry with advanced technology solutions that eventually improve prisoner reintegration into society and foster family dynamic bonds!

Top 5 Facts About Securus Technologies Video Visitation You Should Know

As the world continues to evolve, technology has become an essential aspect in almost every facet of life. In recent years, innovations have transformed how people communicate with each other and this is particularly true for those incarcerated in the United States correctional system. Securus Technologies’ Video Visitation offers inmate friends and family members a modern way to visit their loved ones without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

Here are top 5 facts about Securus Technologies Video Visitation you should know:

1)Easy Usage – Securus Technologies Video Visitation makes it easy for users wishing to make calls to quickly connect with inmates by providing simple instructions on how to navigate through registering an account, scheduling visits, checking audio-video quality as well as accessing support if need be.

2)Time Efficiency – Unlike traditional prison visits that require families or friends seeking visitation rights arrive aroung security windows waiting hours while they no longer wait several hours getting approved which can take up a few days. It saves them time spent driving long distances and also eliminates long queues of visitors at jails and prisons meaning more chances for communication between detainees and their social networks within regulated schedules too

3)Security Measures- One significant advantage of using Securus Technology’s video visitation platforms is its state-of-the-art security infrastructure designed primarily to ensure privacy from unauthorized access during live video sessions. All communications are regularly monitored ensuring compliance so all calls result recorded whether made via smartphone applications or another device tethering internet connection unless excluded under rules governing call recording procedures given permissible variances distinctiely because regulations varies across different states adn facilities according where individual is imprisoned.

4)Convenience – With over 2 million inmate-families registered on its platform since launch April ’08 (formerly T-NETIX Inc.), availability extends nationwide covering nearly 34 states extending into Canada thus making it cost effective resource helping bridge physical divide durIng events prevent anyone traveling due unforeseen circumstances without the necessity visitation rules manageable via internet surfacing during uncertain times too.

5)Cost Efficiency – The cost of keeping in touch with detained loved ones through traditional methods involves paying high transportation costs, parking fees, as well as accommodation expenses for those with social networks visiting from afar or yet having accessibility disability while using this digital platform is comparatively low beyond subscription and occasional service maintenance fees after use.

In conclusion, Securus Technologies Video Visitation offers an innovative solution to problems created by distance and incarceration when it comes to staying connected with family members or friend who have been incarcerated. Beyond its advanced security features that guarantee privacy, convenience from eliminating physical time-sapping travel obstacles altogether also makes connection easier than ever before ensuring bonds stay strong adding much-needed support as they try avoiding isolation due imprisonment within facilities.

The Benefits of Using Securus Technologies Video Visitation for Inmates and Their Loved Ones

When it comes to inmate visitation, many people are hesitant and unsure of how the process works. Traditional jail visits can be time-consuming, stressful, and unpleasant experiences for both inmates and their loved ones. However, Securus Technologies has successfully revolutionized the way these visits take place through their innovative Video Visitation system.

Securus’ Video Visitation offers a plethora of benefits that make visiting an incarcerated loved one easier and more convenient than ever before. Here are some reasons why you should consider using Securus’ Video Visitation:

1. Cost-Effective

Traditional in-person visitation involves significant travel expenses which may include gas money or meals during long road trips, unanticipated costs like parking fees or accommodation if visitors come from out-of-state or choose to stay overnight on purpose. Moreover, there is usually a limit on number visitations per week/month/year depending on state regulations such as age restrictions or previous convictions affecting eligibility criteria; all these factors combined create financial pressure for families who wish to remain connected with their incarcerated members.

By contrast, Securus Technologies’ Video Visitation service only demands minimal Internet access charges so you don’t have to pay more than what’s reasonable – this marks another clear advantage over traditional channel-based physical correspondences typically available at correctional facilities across America including mandatory logbook entries after every visit confirmation!

2. Time-Saving

Traditionally speaking when someone goes for a jail visit (especially family-oriented), they decide between two options: driving themselves up there either by car or other forms of transportation like public transport thereby adding commute times to not just 60 minutes but potentially double the length+ spent traveling _to_ reach landing areas consistently monitored patrolling staff etc., let alone those precious moments lost spending time together face-to-face later down-the-line when back home). The second option requires booking appointments well-in-advance (sometimes days ahead) because waiting lists often fill-out quickly making seeing your loved one next to impossible until their release date.

Video Visitation, on the other hand, completely bypasses these logistical constraints. The technology makes it possible for you to instantly connect with your loved ones without being physically present – and since no appointments are required, that means you can chat whenever suits both parties best closely sharing meaningful moments seen clearly through high-resolution videos available at any time – even after regular visitation hours!

3. Convenient And Comfortable

When visiting an inmate physically located inside a jail facility or prison unit in person there’s also a level of inconvenience that comes along as well; visitors need approval from relevant authorities (often has strict rules about what can be brought into facilities such as food supplies or reading materials), security checks including metal detectors & pat downs typically requires significant waiting times especially during peak hours like school breaks or weekends when demand goes up significantly more compared normal days meaning longer lines become inevitable before making progress!.

With video visitation by Securus technologies, all those inconveniences vanish immediately – This modern-day invention not only eliminates long queueing periods but makes accessing inmates remotely effortless as they can simply log-in via PC/mobile app anytime anywhere allowing them full access limited only Internet speed restrictions which again remains cheap if connected over mobile data networks.in no time ensuring valuable contact points remain uninterrupted because this component serves several tasks simultaneously providing comfort staying close reducing stress levels knowing full-well conditions being maintained consistently throughout confinement tenure while maintaining compliance requirements among other regulatory provisions important aspects of correctional services operations …

4. Better Communication and Personal Connections

Lastly, Video Visitation provides superior communication quality than traditional ways ever could- improving conversations between inmates and families looking forward to chatting with each other engagingly boosting morale towards smoother rehabilitation outcomes overall frequently unleashing unforeseen depths personalities adjusting pains difficulties inflicted due inability attend visits make deep lasting impressions people distant worlds apart despite chaotic confines deal internally external surroundings support coping strategies therefore alleviating loneliness productivity rates prisoner morale improve quite dramatically benefiting both society and custodial settings as inmates become more responsive to self-development opportunities thus representing the reoffending rates within communities positively!

In conclusion, Securus Technologies Video Visitation offers a revolutionary way for people to connect with their incarcerated loved ones. It is cost-effective, time-saving, convenient, comfortable…and most importantly – it provides an avenue for personal connections that traditional methods cannot deliver. So if you’re looking to stay connected or planning on visiting someone in jail soon – make sure you use Securus’ Video Visitations – it’s a game-changer that everyone should be using!

In our increasingly globalized world, it’s becoming more common for families to live far away from each other. This can pose a challenge when trying to maintain close relationships with loved ones who are in prison, especially if you’re unable to travel long distances frequently. Fortunately, technology has made remote visitation easier than ever before with video visitation services offered by Securus Technologies.

Video visitation is an innovative solution that allows friends and family members to connect with incarcerated individuals via a virtual platform. It eliminates the need for physical presence during incarcerated visits, making the process more convenient and helping people stay connected despite geographic barriers.

However, while video visitation certainly helps bridge the gap between inmates and their loved ones, there are still some challenges that users must navigate through effectively in order to have successful interactions on these platforms:


The first challenge of using video visitation is keeping connectivity strong throughout your call. Technical glitches or dropped calls can interrupt communication which creates frustrating experiences for both parties involved. To reduce instances of this issue happening repeatedly ensure that all devices that allow access have been updated correctly as required.


Another key aspect of navigating remote visits is scheduling your time slots appropriately when utilizing the Securus Technologies Video Visitation platform – priors tasks such work schedules should be taken into account with planning ahead.. Most correctional facilities only offer video-visitation at specified times meaning booking could take longer due but persistence wins over the long run always – schedule early! It’s important not wait til last minute because spots may already fill up quickly so make sure research like what those hours of operations look like beforehand too much delay.It would also save everyone’s time if they looked online help desks provided on most platforms initiating troubleshooting fixes prior calling customer service reps or tech support specialists directly.

When using Securus Technologies Video Visitation , keep in mind no matter how oftenyou plan: sometimes unforeseen events occur — whether work deadlines creeped up, hard-to-read calendars or even family emergencies. It’s imperative that both parties remain as flexible as possible and understanding when scheduling conflicts arise so trying to schedule another appointment is less daunting.

Technical Issues

Lastly, technical issues can occasionally pop up while using the platform such buffering of video-feed.People should check ahead for any ongoing maintenances done by Securus Technologies to minimize trouble though it’s sometimes unavoidable but reported/acknowledged immediately could help improve lives of prisoners in custody looking forward to seeing their families’ pixelated glowing screenfaces after what might have seemed like an eternity.

In conclusion, remote visitation through video call technology has revolutionized how inmates connect with their loved ones from afar. And with services offered by companies like Securus Technologies Video Visitation specifically designed with the complex needs of a correctional institution in mind , isn’t just practical –- it’s cost-effective and convenient too! However,careful navigation guidelines must be maintained which includes connectivity monitoring/scheduling appropriate timeslots/patience & flexibility/and reportingtechnical errors promptlyrather before initiating virtual calls enhances overall experience much smoother making feel closer despite distance apart.

Maximizing Your Experience with Securus Technologies Video Visitation: Tips and Tricks

Securus Technologies has revolutionized the concept of prison visitation, making it more accessible and convenient than ever before. With their state-of-the-art Video Visitation technology, family members and friends can now connect with loved ones incarcerated in correctional facilities across the country from the comfort of their own homes.

However, as with any new technology or service, there are certain tips and tricks that can help maximize your experience with Securus’ Video Visitation system. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:

1. Do: Test Your Equipment
Make sure you have a good internet connection speed (at least 5Mbps upload/download), webcam, microphone, speakers or headset. You should test all this equipment prior to using video visitations service.

2. Don’t: Wait Until The Last Minute To Schedule A Visit
By scheduling visits at least 24 hours in advance, you’ll minimize the chances of technical difficulties arising once your scheduled time comes around.

3. Do: Dress Accordingly
Treat Video Visitation like an actual face-to-face meeting – dress appropriately for visiting your loved one even if it is only virtual.

4.Don’t : Use This Platform For Illegal Activities
Seems easy right? But still needs highlighting here! Any activity relating drugs trade participation or other illegal activities will get recorded & subject you to criminal prosecution asking to unite through this platform doesn’t mean initiating illegal trade over either phone calls/secure videos (both incoming) or else outgoing secure messages etc.,

5.Do : Understand Visitor ID requirements,
Ensure compliance with protocols outlined by Department Of Corrections authorities specific guidelines which includes visitor identification proof should be valid driving license/passport copy etc,. Once approved identify yourself using reference ID allocated & link shared initially via emails/SMS notifications received stating confirmation for securing slot for secured video chat services respectively .

6.Don’t :Be Late Or Miss Appointments:
Being late may result in the loss of your time slot except in some exceptional cases. Try to ensure timely presence for secure video conferencing meetings scheduled once weekly or more frequently as allowed by local correctional facilities.

7.Do: Prepare For Your Conversation
Have a topic you wish to engage with and convey messages & emotions involved without getting overwhelmed. Use this opportunity to fill inmate’s head space positively, be attentive in listening what they have say share some pleasant memories trying easing out their stressful life inside jails right now.

8.Don’t :Share Credentials With Anyone:
Avoid sharing any confidential login details assigned during registration – The User ID & Passwords- all such info including appointment slots via email SMS notifications received especially which can put privacy at risk w/o approval authorities concerned.

Securus Technologies Video Visitation allows people who are unable to visit incarcerated loved ones due to distance, work schedule or mobility issues, an alternative that comes very close the usual traditional visiting process. Abiding users guidelines outlined above will help make sure Securus’ system is used safely with optimal user experience while enhancing one’s communication ability remotely.

Table with useful data:

Feature Description
Video Visitation Allows inmates to visit with family and friends through a video chat platform
Online Scheduling Visitors can schedule video visits in advance through Securus’ website or mobile app
Remote Visitation Allows for video visits to take place from any location with an internet connection
Secure Video Connection Uses encrypted technology to ensure a secure and private video chat experience
24/7 Customer Support Offers assistance with technical issues or scheduling concerns around the clock

Information from an expert

Securus Technologies video visitation is a reliable and secure way to connect with your loved ones behind bars. The technology allows for face-to-face visits without the need for physical contact, reducing the risk of spreading diseases such as COVID-19. It also increases safety by allowing corrections staff to monitor conversations in real-time, preventing any illegal activities from taking place during the visit. Overall, using Securus Technologies video visitation provides convenience, safety, and peace of mind for families and inmates alike.
Historical fact:

The use of video visitation in correctional facilities dates back to the early 2000s, with Securus Technologies being one of the first companies to develop and implement this technology.

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